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Folks you can also call the FDA compliance department directly and speak to Special Agent or fax them

Errol C. Tummings

Consumer Safety Tech

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Dallas District - Fort Worth Resident Post

(817) 334-5218 x1100 Fax: (817) 334-5642

Original review posted by user Mar 18, 2015

I bought my Magic Massage Ultra from the Enovative Technologies LLC booth in a Dallas trade show for $400 ( Can be found on Living Social for $20 *** me).

They told me it would cure my back pain. I used it and it caused more pain than relief. I almost felt like it was electrocuting me. The following day I went back to the booth the next day and asked my sales rep Eric Klein for a refund, he told me there were no refunds because the FDA did not allow to take back FDA approved devices for refund and I was out $400. I checked the FDA website and called them and they said this company did not have any approvals and that this was a lie.

I asked again for a refund from Angel the customer service manager and they hung up on me.

I filed a formal complaint with the FDA and spoke to there compliance department. Enovative Technologies is now being investigated for fraud.

If anyone else has been affected feel free to contact this person and file a complaint, they will have to give you your money back:



Thanks to my complaint I finally got my refund today.

Enovative Technologies is a scam

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $400. peter.anderson1123 is overall dissatisfied with Enovative Technologies and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Enovative Technologies.

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Fabian Rosado and Enovative Technologies did not give me my paycheck. They screwed me our of $650 for B***S**** parking tickets.


Fabian Rosado


Fabian Rosado, Lori Ebersohl, Right Start Capital, Enovative Technologies, Andrew Reamer, Salman Mufti, Renny Griffith MD, Satinder Gill



Posted on December 28, 2015


Another formal complaint has been filed against Lori Ebersohl a Virginia Based attorney after she was caught lying to the 4th Circuit District Court of Appeals in her motion to dismiss in the Case of Gabriel Leor vs. Enovative Technologies LLC and after it has exposed other acts of fraud including but not limited to attempting to bribe witnesses and create testimony in effort to win a case that had no merit in the first place.

Lori Ebersohl, also referred to by her client Fabian Rosado of Right Start Consulting as the “best *** that money can buy” offered a Ukranian computer programer approximately $15,000 total in cash in return for testimony in her favor.

When he refused to cooperate it is alleged that she used the money to pay off local Courts and Judges to attempt to charge the Programmer Criminally via her local partner firm Kydalov & Partners, Kiev.

Aside from this clear violation of the law, Lori Ebersohl together with Fabian Rosado of Enovative Technologies LLC manipulated the US court system to pick and choose there courts and judges by creating overnight a “false diversity” in an employment case and Lori gave false testimony in court creating lies of threats and stories that never occurred.

An appeal has been filed by Gabriel Leor and a lawsuit has been initiated against the companies owners: Fabian Rosado, Andrew Reamer, Satinder Gill MD, Renny Griffith MD and Dr. Salman Mufti all of the Virginia area.


“Corporate Raiding ” by Fabian E. Rosado, Dr.

Satinder Gil and Lori Ebersohl results in $2,500,000 civil action

Posted on August 31, 2015 by megicmassageultra

A Civil lawsuit was brought this week in the Delaware District Court by Gabriel Leor against Fabian E. Rosado of Right Start Consultants, Dr. Satinder Gil, Salman Mufti MD, Renny Griffith MD, Andrew Reamer and attorney Lori Ebersohl.

Leor is seeking $2,500,000 in damages from these investors after allegedly these sophisticated angel investors bought Leors companies Enovative Technologies LLC dba Magic Massage Ultra and did not pay all the money they were owed.

Leor alleges that Fabian E. Rosado of Right Start Capital and a Harvard MBA and the investors are corporate raiders, and thus, Defendants and Rosado falsely induced Plaintiff into a bad transaction where Rosado consumed inflated amounts of money in return for his management fees.

It is also alleged that the defendants lawyer Lori Ebersohl engaged in multiple acts of fraud and unethical behavior including offering to bribe witnesses and falsifying papers and agreements before a federal Judge James Bredar.

We will keep you posted as this story develops. https://megicmassageultra.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/corporate-raiding-by-fabian-e-rosado-dr-satinder-gil-and-lori-ebersohl-results-in-2500000-civil-action/

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #998188

Eric and Steve suck, thank god I am long gone.

They never pay there employees on time and fine you for ***! *** Enovative Technologies and *** Magic Massage.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #974341

A lawsuit has been initiated and a proceeding is pending in an effort to learn the identity of the author of this post. The action in which your identity is being sought is styled Enovative Technologies v.

Gabriel Leor, Case No. 1:14-cv-03956-JKB currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, which Court is located at 101 W.

Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. ID Number ENOV02

Beverly Hills, California, United States #969750

Got mine from Nick Palmisano in LA, stopped working 3 days later. Good luck trying to call the 800 number. No one ever answers the phone


Product works great. I bought my unit from a beautiful saleswoman.

She said to call her and she would help if there were any problems.

(443) 373-9209. Satisfied customer here!

Dallas, Texas, United States #965993

I recently bought the unit at the same show and I was told specifically that it was FDA "cleared". Although it may not he approved, MILLIONS of people have purchased these in the past.

I myself bought 3 units that day. I checked standard living for a better price, and of course, THERE WAS. Yet, it was not offering the lifetime warranty or customer service Magic Massage gave me with my purchase. I contacted the office after reading this post, only because I had reason for doubt.

However, after speaking with an ERIC KLEIN who above was stated to have sold the product, I then realized the post above was FALSE. He stated that he has NEVER worked a trade show and I am a retired police officer, so my 6th sense immediately realized he was stating the truth. My wife is a lawyer and has spoken to numerous clients with this product. All of the clients were more than satisfied and felt if any information was misunderstood, it was not essential.

I, and my family are EXTREMELY HAPPY with the purchase we made.



Thanks for the info im having similar problems with Magic Massage and filed a complaint with the FDA. I hope I get my money back

to Faruk #965804

Hey faruk aka "mike" ex disgruntled owner of magic massage! How's your beautiful wife?

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